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Creating a Server

To create a Minecraft Java server, go to your Client Panel. On the left sidebar, choose Create Server. Type in all required information like server name, memory amount, and server location. Once done, click the Create button and wait at least a minute in the Client Panel for the new server to be created for your account. Now, in the Game Panel you should see the new server on your server list. If the server list indicates that it is still installing, wait at least 2 to 5 minutes for the installation to be complete. If the installation is taking longer than usual (over 5 to 10 minutes or more), head back to your Client Panel and delete, then re-create the server. Select your new server and go to the Console tab, usually already selected by default. Click the Start button, located in the upper left corner of the Console tab. You’re going to be selecting which type of server you want during the first startup of your new server. In this case, we’re creating a Minecraft Java server, to select Minecraft Java, then the type of Minecraft Java server that you want like Vanilla or PaperMC, last thing is to select the version of Minecraft Java you want to play on.


Message of the Day

Also known as MOTD, is the message that shows up below the server name on a multiplayer server list. Usually used to say what’s new about the server and/or also displaying what version it supports. Sometimes also used to indicate what games it has to offer or just a short description of the server.

To configure MOTD(Message of the Day), the setting for this is usually found in the file. Simply just change it to what you want for your Minecraft Java Server.

If you’re interested in changing text colors, use these color codes:

COLOR_BLOCKDark Blue\u00A71
COLOR_BLOCKDark Green\u00A72
COLOR_BLOCKDark Aqua\u00A73
COLOR_BLOCKDark Red\u00A70
COLOR_BLOCKDark Purple\u00A75
COLOR_BLOCKLight Purple\u00A7d
COLOR_BLOCKDark Gray\u00A78

Server Icon

The server icon helps indicate the branding of your Minecraft Java server, it’s easy to set one. Simply create an icon that is 64x64 in resolution. Name the server icon as server-icon.png and add it to the root of your Minecraft Java server files.

Player Limit

By default, Minecraft sets 20 as the max player limit for Minecraft Java servers. You can increase this, or decrease, to any number you want. To configure the player limit, the setting for this is usually found in the file. Simply, just change the number 20 to something else, you could also set -1 for unlimited.

Setting Operators

An operator is a player with administrative access to your server, giving them full access to all commands. Even commands like /stop or /restart. To set an operator, use:

/op Username

As an example, if you wanted to op Notch, you would use:

/op Notch

Please don’t use / in the Console tab.

If you want to give some players access to specific admin commands, but not everything, you can use LuckPerms for this, which we recommend.


Find your Server IP Address

In your Game Panel the IP is shown in the upper left on the Console tab. Use this to connect to your server. If you’re looking for the numeric IP, this usually shows up when booting the server.

Play In-Game

On your Multiplayer server list, click Add Server, then put the IP for your server into the IP Address box. As for the Server Name, this can be set as whatever. Click Add and the server should appear on your list.