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Signing Up

Sighing up for Discord

We use Discord as our preferred authorization method, you’re required to register an account on Discord. To register an account on Discord, you’ll need to provide an email, username, password for Discord along with setting your date of birth. After filling in the required information, check your email inbox for a verification email and verify your account.

Signing up for Falix

On our Client Panel, you’ll see we have two login options. One option will log in to Falix using your Discord account that will have offers, which will make you join other Discord servers for extra resources. The other option is the same, but will not have options and won’t make you join other Discord servers. Choose these options to sign up for Falix. Once done, you should be on our Client Panel and you should also see our server on your Discord.

Being Part of our Discord Server

Keeping a Safe Community

By being on our Discord server, you’re to follow our rules and Discord’s Terms of Service to keep our members safe!

Creating a Ticket

To create a ticket, go to the #ticket-center channel which will found at the bottom of the channels list under the Support category. React with 🎫️ to create a new ticket.

Once our bot creates a ticket for you, a new channel should of visible to you at the bottom of the channels list. You’ll use to this channel to talk to our support team and staff members. Only our support team and staff members will see your ticket and no one else, so any private information provided by you is safe.

Creating a Server

On our Client Panel, you can create a server by using the Create Server button found on the left sidebar. Fill in the name you would like to call your server, amount of memory, and a location for where you want your server to be. Once the server is created, it will start installing(usually takes a couple of minutes). To gain access to features like console, file manager, databases, and more you need to head over to our Game Panel.

Getting to Know the Username Interface

The client panel where you will manage your server’s resources, controlling the number of resources like CPU, memory, databases, ports, and more. Here in the Client Panel, you can also create servers and obtain your panel login information.